Rapid relief for travel advisors

Rapid relief for travel advisors

Laceby’s Rapid Travel Group has partnered with Grimsby-based beauty therapist, ADELE Health & Beauty, to offer employees chair massages to help promote workplace health and wellbeing.

Rapid’s recent integration of chair massages to the workplace is aimed to support employees working to deliver a 24/7 service to customers, 356 days a year, supporting employees who work hard to deliver for customers, booking travel nationally and locally.

“As a local business, it’s great to partner with other local businesses – an initiative I feel passionately about as the benefits of massage are extensive, improving muscular pain, circulatory relief and above all improving stress reduction – creating a sense of relaxation and wellbeing,” said ADELE.

“People spend more hours at work so to bring positive effects of massage therapy on the job, improving performance and mental alertness, can only reap benefits to employees and their employer.

“Working locally to support wellbeing and charities is something I feel passionately about, also working with Glebe House to sprinkle some cheer and pamper residents with a manicure is something that I do regularly also.”

Massage at work can help improve general feelings of contentment and health. Approximately 595,000 workers suffer from work related stress, depression or anxiety new or long standing according to recent labour force survey with the common causes of stress, depression or anxiety in the workforce being down to particularly tight deadlines and too much pressure. This alone, results in a staggering 57% of the total number of lost working days.

Rebecca Anderson-Smith, Relationship Director at Rapid, said: “In an increasingly busy business environment it is vital to ensure that employees have access to resources which support and reduce their stress levels in order to help keep productivity at the highest possible levels – people are a company’s greatest assets it’s important that they are happy and healthy. We are grateful to have ADELE on board as we aim to support employees well-being and productivity.”