Referendum campaigners urged not to ignore small businesses

FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry

Both camps in the EU referendum debate have been urged not to ignore the small business vote.

Mike Cherry, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses says half of the UK’s his small business owner memberss don’t have enough information to make an informed choice when it comes to voting on June 23rd, as a result of which 42% say their vote could be swayed.

He said: “ It’s vital that both campaigns provide the answers small businesses owners need, in order to make the right choice for them and their businesses.”

The FSB has written to Matthew Elliott from the Vote Leave campaign and Will Straw from the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign asking them to answer the top ten questions that UK small businesses want answered before they cast their vote.

Smaller firms want to know the practical impact that remaining within or leaving the EU would have on their business. FSB research of over 4,000 members revealed that 48% want more information on the economic impact on the UK of a decision to leave the EU or to remain. In addition, 38% of small businesses called for more detail on the administrative burden of complying with regulation and 33% asked for more detail on the cost of EU membership.

Mr Cherry added: “As the vote approaches we will continue to champion the voice of UKs 5.4 million small businesses and call for the clarity and information they need to make an informed decision. There is no status quo – whatever the result, the decision on 23rd June will see changes. Small business owners want to know more about what these mean for their business.

For this reason, today we invited representatives from both campaigns to participate in a series of FSB EU referendum podcasts taking place right across the nations and regions of the UK. On behalf of small business, we will delve deeper into these issues to get clear responses from both sides of this important debate.”