Renewable Energy Plant making Brigg a clean energy hub

Brigg is one of many new renewable energy projects which are generating clean and safe forms of power from renewable sources. This 40 megawatt renewable energy plant generated its first renewable energy for the National Grid in October this year and when at its full productivity, will generate enough electricity to supply 75,000 homes and save over 250,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The plant uses straw to generate power, signing a contract with the Worldwide Farming Partnership earlier this year to supply 30,000 tonnes of straw in 2015 and then 50,000 tonnes every year for the remainder of the agreement. This contract represents 20 per cent of the straw required for the plant to operate at full capacity. It is also working with local and regional farmers so that they can sell straw for us at the plant.

The construction of the plant has already yielded economic benefits for the local area and across the region. At its peak, nearly 350 people were working on the build phase of the project. Now the plant is moving into its operational phase, the number of construction staff has reduced to around 170, with 30 new staff being employed for the O&M phase.

The plant is currently carrying out an extended test run which will be completed in December 2015, with commercial operation due early 2016.