Rotherham Council reveals financial support for adult care industry

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A COVID-19 financial support package worth more than £1.5million has been announced for Rotherham’s adult care industry.

Rotherham Council cabinet members voted unanimously to award funding to care homes for the elderly and organisations that provide care for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Funding includes additional payments of £15k to each older peoples’ care home in Rotherham, a total cost of £495k, plus a further £970.1k for services providing care options for adults with learning disabilities and autism. An additional £100k contingency fund is also in place for adult care to utilise should additional emergency funding be required. The costs will be met by the Government grants awarded to the Council to meet additional costs associated with its response to COVID-19.

The financial assistance is in addition to a comprehensive support package, including help with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply and training, bereavement support and recruitment services already being provided by the Council and health partners including Rotherham Clinical Commissioning group and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

Rotherham Council Adult Care Integration Cabinet member Cllr David Roche said: “This financial support will enable small enterprises and services offering opportunities and activities for adults with learning disabilities and autism to continue to provide essential services in what is a challenging and uncertain time.

“It will also provide some essential support to organisations for carers, recognising their importance in assisting carers through these difficult times. It is in addition to the existing support that is in place with care homes on the ground.”

Anne Marie Lubanski, joint chair of the Rotherham Integrated Care Partnership Urgent and Community Care Group said: “Companies and charitable organisations that own care homes in Rotherham, like others across the country, are experiencing pressures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In Rotherham, the Council is working with health partners across the Integrated Care Partnership, including NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust with a comprehensive package of wrap-around support for care homes and home care companies.

“We are already working in partnership across all agencies to maintain supplies of PPE and are providing weekly training to all companies and staff on the correct way to use PPE using digital solutions. Companies are receiving daily support calls alongside help with recruitment and any potential staffing shortfalls. We are providing a free listening service for all of care workers impacted by bereavement, either personally or professionally.”