Seafood industry casts its net for young workers in Grimsby

Grimsby’s Emma Moffat has been chosen as an ambassador to support a new campaign launched by Seafish, the industry authority on seafood, designed to showcase career prospects in the seafood industry.

Featuring real people sharing their career stories, ‘The World is Your Oyster’ campaign will capture the imagination of young people aged between 16 and 24 currently trying to secure their first step on the career ladder.

Emma Moffat, 28, is a Fish Buyer for Grimsby based seafood supplier Icelandic Seachill who employ 1400 staff in the UK, providing chilled fish to the UK retail market.

Emma has enjoyed working with the wide range of people the industry attracts. She explains:

“In this industry it is important to be a people person – my experience has enabled me to confidently communicate with people from all walks of life, an essential part of my job.

“I work with a lot of people who are experts in their field and I’m often amazed by the knowledge they impart. Most people in the industry are incredibly passionate about the work that they do, making it impossible not to become enthusiastic about my job and the industry itself.”

According to Seafish, young people could be attracted in to the industry by highlighting some of the unique perks and qualifications linked to these careers such as the potential to travel the world promoting seafood or learning survival skills whilst working on a fishing vessel.