Sheffield boosts Vulcan’s new home with grant worth £400,000


Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority has agreed to give a grant pf £400k to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, which will then align with other external investor funding to deliver the £3m needed to build XH558’s new hangar home.

The work on the grant application was greatly assisted by VTST volunteer Steve Wild, who brought much relevant experience to this task.

The grant, like many of this type, has specific terms linked to delivery timescales and the creation of jobs, but these are all in line with the Trust’s current business plan for the development, which was reviewed in detail by the Sheffield City Region team.

The New Hangar will be a significant heritage attraction with local relevance, boosting attractiveness of the region for tourism, by telling the story of the Royal Air Force during the Cold War, 1945 – 1989.

It will renew long-awaited public access for XH558’s loyal supporters to the Vulcan and provide a unique setting for conferences and corporate and private events, thereby generating a sound basis for future funding of the Trust and significant secondary spend in the local economy.

In the Hangar, the Trust will also provide an economic contribution focused on STEM engagement for young people, showcasing the world-class and cutting-edge technologies being developed by businesses in the region.

The STEM engagement programme would be complimented by signposting young people to the career paths being offered by local education and training providers through apprenticeships and other courses.

Dr Robert Pleming, speaking on behalf of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, said: We are obviously thrilled that the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership have recognised the significance of the Region being the permanent home to the Vulcan by the award of a significant grant towards the new hangar, at their meeting.

“The Vulcan to the Sky Trust is working closely with an investor to deliver the building costs of the new hangar, based at Doncaster Sheffield Airport and confirmed news on this is expected early in the New Year.

“The funding from the Sheffield City Region Infrastructure team will be vital in delivering this heritage hangar, ensuring that XH558 is given the home she deserves and that the public can once again visit this iconic aircraft.

“We look forward to being able to announce the completion of contractual arrangements, and will keep loyal supporters of the Vulcan up to date with our progress.”