Sheffield fabricator invests in industry 4.0 transition

James Harding-Terry, Managing Director of SevenHills Fabrication

Sheffield company SevenHills Fabrication has invested £250,000 in a new computer system as part of its ongoing investment programme.

The new computer system is part of a wider investment programme for the company – part of the Steetley Corner Group – as it gears up for industry 4.0 automation and data exchange across its manufacturing technologies to target future growth.

This follows the company’s recent installation of a £60,000 state-of-the-art electric tube-bending machine and the computer system is designed to take the business to the next level of operational efficiency.

“The company’s transition to industry 4.0 is essential for future-proofing the business and the new computer system allows full mapping of production, accounting, purchasing and distribution,” said MD James Harding-Terry.

“Operating in conjunction with new machines such as the tube bender and our forthcoming robot welder, the system will also help to up-skill our workforce so that they are able to adapt to Industry 4.0 methods.

“We look to continue expansion of our operations after ten years of consistent growth and having the technology, equipment and skills to run a manufacturing operation which continually adapts and improves is the future for this company.

“This approach should become prerequisite for all British manufacturers.”