Sheffield ISP takes broadband to remote corner of Scotland

Mark Wheeler

Sheffield’s ISP Whitespace Technology is to roll out superfast broadband to remote Argyll & Bute, beginning with a small rural community in Loch Striven.

This project will see residents receive connection speeds of up to 30Mbps, with the rollout beginning in April funded by local businesses and property owners. There is scope for the project to be extended across all of Argyll & Bute very quickly following a successful Phase 1 rollout. Mark Wheeler, Whitespace Technology CEO, says, “Rural communities stand to benefit the most from the internet and digital innovation, but are consistently left behind by fixed-line broadband rollouts.

“We’re focussed on delivering high-speed, high-quality internet services to rural communities across Scotland, and the whole of the UK. The Loch Striven community has been engaged and open to considering new and innovative ways to get connected, and we’re excited to be a part of getting them online at last”.

Peter Griffiths, Loch Striven community spokesperson, said: “Connectivity services across Argyll & Bute, but particularly Loch Striven, are unreliable, slow and expensive. We needed a solution which delivered value for money, but most importantly gave us a working service at the speeds required for today’s digital activities.

“This is crucial to people and businesses across the whole area. We’re pleased to be working with Whitespace Technology to achieve this and look forward to a successful partnership.”