South African mining contract for British Steel

South African mining contract for British Steel

British Steel is set to supply South African steel manufacturer Robor with its tophat shaft guides – hoisting systems used in underground mining operations to guide cages and skips in vertical mine shafts.

Colin Mawdsley, British Steel Technical Sales Manager Special Profiles, said: “We’ve worked alongside Robor for over 36 years, supplying large quantity orders for mining projects across the world, the majority being in Southern Africa.

“This agreement will enable us to provide more mining companies with one of our premium products.”

British Steel’s tophat shaft guides offer many benefits including easier installation and reduced maintenance.

Their properties, including close-dimensional control and straightness, mean less swing in the shaft and a smoother, faster lift. Tophat sections generally last for the life of the mine.

Mr Mawdsley added:  “Current market conditions mean there are fewer new mines being developed, and as a result, the focus is shifting towards prolonging and maintaining the life of older, existing mine shafts. This means mining companies are seeking smaller quantity orders of tophats, which aren’t cost effective for us to produce.

“In order to meet market demands, we’ll supply Robor with bulk quantities of shaft guides that will be held as retail stock.

“Having readily available stock offers customers the opportunity to buy reduced quantities on a short lead-time which is a huge advantage for smaller projects.”