Spencer Group chosen as main contractor for Humber Bridge testing project


Hull-based Spencer Group has been named as principal contractor on a project to check the condition of the hangers on the Humber Bridge.  

Three hangers are to be removed and tested to establish their remaining life. Work will take place over the summer and involves the installation of a purpose-built access gantry onto the main cable.

Checking the condition of the existing hangers, now almost 40 years old, is necessary to establish the life expectancy of these structural elements, and to work out when they will need to be replaced. Spencer Group has been appointed as principal contractor, with Atkins providing commercial governance and design of the permanent works.

The project involves taking three existing hangers from the bridge and removing them from site for further inspection. Three semi-permanent replacement hangers will be supplied, tested and installed as part of the same contract.

Once the existing hangers are safely removed from the bridge they will undergo destructive and non-destructive testing, which will be carried out away from the construction site under a controlled environment, and will involve testing fatigue, ultimate tensile strength, visual examination, examination of fracture surface, individual wire tensile strengths, fracture toughness, chemical composition and remaining coating testing. Works to remove the hangers are due to take place on site this summer, with testing continuing into the autumn.