Strata inspires next generation

Strata, the homebuilder with developments across Yorkshire and the Midlands, is working with Ahead Partnership, the social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and employment, to engage and motivate young people to raise awareness around skills, career options and future employment.

Reinforcing its commitment to nurturing future talent in the industry, Strata has worked alongside Ahead Partnership to create a ‘Make Your House a Home’ challenge that will see 120 students from John Smeaton Academy and East Leeds Academy taking part.

Launching at both schools on 14th and 28th November, each student will engage in a series of activities and workshops designed to help them address the brief, which asks teams from each school to design a house focusing on the architecture, potential costs, practicalities, environmental and social impacts.

Campaign Manager, Stephen Gillen, from Strata, comments: “As an industry we struggle from a skills shortage and this is likely to continue and potentially get worse. Working with Ahead Partnership we know that we can go some way to encouraging young people to consider the sector and its diverse roles for their future careers.

“Here at Strata we create communities but that wouldn’t be possible without the talented team we have around us. We need to make sure we nurture the Strata family that we have today, but also keep a focus on the future.”

Stephanie Burras, Chief Executive from Ahead Partnership, comments: “The skills shortages in property and construction are well documented, and young people don’t always appreciate how exciting the opportunities in the sector can be. With everything from architecture and design through to building and sales to consider, there’s an abundance of careers to choose from.

“We would like to thank Strata for working with us to create such an engaging activity, that will provide a real help in bridging the skills gap. This activity promises to be a fantastic success and engage young minds to think about their future opportunities in the sector. We can’t wait to see the home designs the students come up with.”