Sustainability at heart of new Lincolnshire business

Sustainability at heart of new Lincolnshire business

A new Lincolnshire business is aiming to put an end to the throw-away society with a range of products made from recycled, reclaimed and sustainably-sourced materials.

Sproutbox endeavours to offer something for everyone, be that pencils made from cast off wood, or a house built to preserve the environment.

Based in Lincoln, the business offer land consulting and planning service throughout the UK.

It provides bespoke innovative design for sustainable housing, from inception to completion. They understand the importance of using housing to enhance quality of life, happiness and wellbeing.

They are sceptical of some of the thinking behind the mass housebuilding projects of the past. They want to harness new technology and revive the genius of ancient building techniques to produce ground-breaking new schemes for living, working and playing.

Sproutbox has a team of architects, designers, and business people working together for this common sustainability-driven goal.

Everything they sell tells a story, with a story becomes attachment and sentimentality, we are far less likely to throw it away.

Whether it’s the vintage ophthalmic set unearthed in an attic, the environmentally considerate and sustainable products they adore or the quirky upcycled items are guaranteed to be the centre of conversation.

They also believe themselves to be the only supplier of thinking hats in the UK, if not the world.

At Sproutbox sustainability is a fundamental aspect of all their buildings. Their projects integrate and showcase innovation to enhance the environment within which we all live.

They are interested in all aspects of sustainable living, with close attention to local and national economies as a means to boost sustainability. Creating close-knit and positive environments in which to work and live.