Teenager expands car detailing business into new premises

East Yorkshire teenager Harry Hall has expanded his car detailing business with the opening of new premises in the wake of huge growth this year.

Harry, 19, from Hessle, launched Attention to Detail Automotive aged just 16, initially juggling his time in the classroom with his passion for cars.

Bespoke premises in Beverley now include a state-of-the-art detailing studio, coffee lounge for customers, with a glass viewing area and custom lighting to showcase work taking place on the vehicles.

It has led to Harry taking on new staff members to help out with the detailing and has also allowed him to setup a new company specialising in Paint Protection Film.

This is a clear, self-healing film that helps protects cars against stone chips, light scratches and damage. PPF is especially important to supercars, and rare vehicles to protect the originally and paintwork.

Harry said: “Over the last few months we have been working hard to secure a new unit for ATD. It’s not been easy, and without the help of many of our customers and contacts we wouldn’t have been able to move to this building so quickly.

“It is a big step up for ATD, so we are very excited. Just a few years ago I started this business whilst still in school and never anticipated to be where we are today.

“The new unit is more than 3,000 sq ft in size meaning we can now offer Paint Protection Film (PPF) in a temperature-controlled bay.”

He said: “The phone rang non-stop – customers literally throwing keys at me to detail their cars. It was all a little overwhelming initially. The small garage at the grandparents was no longer suitable for what I needed, and so I was on the hunt for a new headquarters, which led me to the stunning new unit in Beverley.

“My vision was to create a minimalistic, clean space that could be worked from, but also somewhere to create the full experience for the customer.”

Harry added: “I decided to set up Attention to Detail after a desire to see all cars cared for as they should be. I’ve always had a passion for cars, but nothing frustrated me more than seeing these beautiful works of art being improperly cared for.

“Starting off with just basic cleaning tools in the back of a Mini, I never expected to be where I am today so quickly and having had the privilege to work on some truly amazing cars.

“Four years on, after a lot of hard work, dedication and persistence, it’s a dream come true as to where I am now with the business and the exciting plans for its future with the move to a larger unit.”

To other young aspiring business start-ups he said: “For any young entrepreneur looking to setup their own business, my advice is to just go for it! What have you got to lose? Self belief is so important. Friends, family and even your teachers may doubt your vision, but if you truly believe it will work then you can make it happen!

“I would love to speak to anyone in a similar situation to myself four years ago! I’d love to support you and advise!”