The times they are a-changing

Bob Dylan’s immortal words couldn’t be more accurate in this day and age as many of us are having to learn new skills and adapt to new ways of working, including transferring in-person conferences and events to digital. The most common method is through Zoom, but it can be a difficult process.

“Many businesses looking to host a seminar or conference on Zoom have some knowledge of how they can make it happen but don’t have the in-depth knowledge of what Zoom can offer or bring to their event,” says Kerry Lummus of Lincolnshire based KL Secretarial Services.

Kerry helps companies tap the full potential of Zoom, while also handling the technical side of managing a Zoom event so that speakers can get on with hosting the event stress free. She strongly recommends dress rehearsals from which to plan and practice events ahead of time, to take care of invitations and managing guests, and even offers assisting in bringing guests back on line should any become disconnected; all without interfering with the event or placing more work on the organisers.

“Since completing the course and offering this service I find myself doing several Zoom events a week,” Kerry explains. “This experience enables me to offer a tailored service to each client as every event is different. I work with each client to ascertain what they want to see from the event and gauge what is required.”