Time Out: Adam Cheal, MD and Founder of Fletcher Longstaff

The weekend has come back around again, and that means some more quick fire questions. This week’s ‘Time Out’ features Adam Cheal, MD and founder of Fletcher Longstaff, a conveyancing specialist based in Lincoln, who it turns out might have been a palaeontologist in another life…

What is the first thing you do to get the weekend started?

Normally a personal training session or an exercise session on my bike at home! This tends to wind me down nicely and gets rid of the week’s stress. I always find that after a very busy week in the office it would be easy to go home and sit down but I find this helps me leave any concerns far behind and helps me rest easier.

What is your hobby?

I am a keen cyclist and cycle 4-5 times per week. I own an indoor spin bike, which enables me to sometimes just do 20/30 minutes of high-intensity training which helps me maintain fitness as well as building up a good sweat!

What is your favourite movie?

This is a hard one, as I am a massive movie fan and there are so many great movies in different genres, but I very much like Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan. I do however feel the need to throw Top Gun in to the equation as who doesn’t love it?

If you hadn’t been successful at what you do, what would you be doing instead as a career?

I’d most likely be a palaeontologist or archaeologist, as I love both history and the prehistoric era and looked very hard at this before deciding on my current career. I spent hours on work experience at my local archiving centre, building up a good knowledge of the local area as well as studying history at a high level.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

It sounds strange, but I would love to speak every language. To be able to travel anywhere and converse with any person on the planet really appeals to me.

What is your favourite genre of music?

Indie music, especially the 90’s and I am a big Blur fan. I am also very keen on live music and have been to a fair few festivals including Glastonbury in my time and would love to go back once my kids are a bit older.

If you could travel to any moment in time where would you go?

Linked to the above, the prehistoric era! To be able to travel back in time and see dinosaurs in real life is any young boys dream is it not?