Time Out: Marcus Leverton, Director at Leverton UK Limited

It’s almost the weekend and that means another ‘Time Out’. This week’s questions are answered by Marcus Leverton, Director at Leverton UK Limited.

What is the first thing you do to get the weekend started?

After taking my Eldest son to football training it’s time to pop a bottle of something nice and catch up with my wife, with such busy lives Friday family time is always a welcome break before the weekend madness.

What is your hobby?

Other than watching my sons play football, in my spare time I like to organise Black Tie Charity Events to raise vital funds for the Sick Children’s Trust – https://sickchildrenstrust.org/ It feels good to channel my time and energy in to such a worthwhile cause.

What is your favourite movie?

Anything James Bond I love Sean Connery’s old classic black and whites in equal measure to Daniel Craig’s new stuff.

If you hadn’t been successful at what you do, what would you be doing instead as a career?

Tough one – I love what I do – maybe a member of Boy Band but unfortunately I had limited singing and dancing abilities! Or James Bond that would be nice career change…

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

It has to be the ability to fly – that sense of freedom would be amazing I tend to need limited sleep so I could get up and explore the world a bit before the kids wake up!

What is your favourite genre of music?

I have terrible taste in music so I am told…I love ballads anything that tells a good story and pulls on the heart strings, I must be an old romantic!

If you could travel to any moment in time where would you go?

It would have to be some intimate club back in the day with the Rat Pack, a glass of whiskey, beautifully tailored suit, and great music – that would be amazing…