UK’s biggest businesses pledge major money to tackle climate change

New £1.5m fund launched to support Yorkshire’s bioeconomy
Credit: Looker_Studio

Major businesses across the UK have made pledges worth hundreds of millions of pounds to tackle climate change.

These pledges, which are part of the Government’s modern Industrial strategy and mark the first-ever ‘Green GB & NI Week’, aim to made a green, cleaner economy.

Some 30 of the UK’s biggest companies – from financial services through to high street retailers – have revealed plans to help slash emissions.

Solutions include installing solar panels on office roofs, to overhauling fleets of diesel trucks.

The UK is already a world leader when it comes to tackling climate change, cutting emissions by more than 40% since 1990 whilst growing the economy.

“Governments cannot confront this unprecedented global challenge alone,” said Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry.

“We need businesses around the world to step up to the mark and today our largest companies are leading the way, making significant pledges worth millions to cut emissions while continuing to grow the green economy.”