Utility company sets up Yorkshire operation

Liam Conway

Utility management specialists CEC has set up a new Yorkshire operation to help manufacturers with what it calls ‘crippling energy costs that are plaguing industrial growth’.

More than 30 Yorkshire companies already signed up, receiving potential savings of over £500,000 to date. The firm believes there is now significant opportunity to support businesses coming out of 24-36 month contracts that are likely to face up to 50% cost increases due to the rising price of energy.

CEC also offers them access to a purchasing collective that allows manufacturers – usually too small to take part – the opportunity to benefit from flexible purchasing and energy management.

“This investment in creating a dedicated team and hot-desking space is our way of proving our commitment to the region,” explained Liam Conway, Head of CEC.

“Industry is our big focus and we have enjoyed a lot of success in the West Midlands and the South East, helping firms reduce their energy costs through careful planning, negotiating the best possible deals and smart energy management.

“There are some fantastic firms at the cutting edge of engineering and innovation in Yorkshire and we know from talking to local business leaders that there is an appetite for a reduction in energy bills and processes that are kinder to the environment.

“The initial investment has been in recruiting analysts that are experienced in the sector and they will be responsible for working on the ground in the area. Over time, we’re also looking at turning our hot-desking facility into a permanent base in the region.”

As part of its expansion into Yorkshire, CEC has agreed to become a patron of the Made in Yorkshire Group, which represents hundreds of members by providing advice, networking, digital platforms and lobbying Government on crucial issues.

Liam added: “We have enjoyed a lot of success with the Made in Midlands collective, helping over 80 of their companies over the last three years. It’s a proven model and a fantastic way for industry to work together to grow and create wealth – we just like to play a small part by ensuring members have access to the best energy deals and advice on management.”