Veterinary start-up investing £1m to advance AI vision

Veterinary start-up investing £1m to advance AI vision
(L-R) Jonathan Sands, Elmwood Paul Hallett, Vet-AI, Jonathan Oxley and Clive Lawrence, Lupton Fawcett

A veterinary R&D start-up in Leeds has raised almost £1 million in investment to fund ambitious plans to “revolutionise the global pet market”.

Vet-AI was founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing AI to the veterinary industry by tech expert Paul Hallett and experienced veterinarian Robert Dawson.

The R&D firm is developing several solutions that focusses on supporting pets, vets and giving pet owners the tools to access pet healthcare more affordably and conveniently.

The company has received investment from several key stakeholders to further the growth and development of new technologies.

Having invested £500,000 into the company, co-founder Robert Dawson said: “I have been hugely fortunate to have had the opportunity to treat thousands of wonderful animals and to meet their parents during 25 years as a vet and this investment is an opportunity to build a business which will enable the same for millions of pets across the globe.”

Vet-AI is making significant progress to innovate the industry, which has attracted interest from global animal health companies, who have since invested in the start-up.

Regional law firm Lupton Fawcett and global brand design consultancy Elmwood have also invested in return for a minority stake, demonstrating their belief in the start-up’s potential.

Jonathan Sands OBE (Elmwood and now Chairman of Vet-AI) said: “This is a hugely exciting venture and one that I believe will transform the future of the veterinary industry.

“ I can see a huge upside, both in improving the work life balance for vets themselves, whilst at the same time making pet care more expedient, more convenient and better value for every family with a pet. It is a very exciting proposition and I am delighted to be involved.

“We get asked on a regular basis to support start-ups of all shapes and sizes and so we have to be quite selective.

“However, Vet AI was an easy decision, as the business model is so compelling, and even before launch the project is attracting so much excitement and interest from all corners of the industry.”