Bradford accountancy firm merges two departments into one

Bradford accountancy firm merges two departments into one
Credit: Pressmaster

Watson Buckle has merged two of its existing departments as the accountancy firms lays a groundwork for growth and improves efficiencies.

Under the new move, the Bradford firm’s Corporate Services Department and Business Services Department will be merged to create the Audit and Accounts Department.

This new department aims to handle the same or similar services as the two previous department under one roof and will be led by five experienced managers.

The firm added that the move will also allow for greater economies of scale and, hopefully, eliminate existing overlap between the two departments so that clients received a more streamlined service.

“The very nature of our profession is evolving and it is important that we move with the times to ensure that our clients continue to receive innovate advice and support from our team,” said Selina Armitage, who will be one of the new managers within the department.

Joint Managing Director, Susan Sedgwick, added: “After reviewing the work of the two departments we felt it made sense to merge them together to create a new super department, which is able to deal with a wide range of matters.

“By doing so, clients should quickly notice further improvements in the services that we offer, which should add additional value to the advice we already provide.

“Just as we advise our clients to do, we are always looking out for new ways to update and improve our practice and we look forward to seeing what the new team can achieve.”