Women make up only quarter of accountancy executive boards, data shows

Female entrepreneurs face gender bias when raising capital, research shows
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ sirtravelalot

Women make up just a quarter of executive boards, according to an analysis of data from the top 25 accountancy firms in the UK.

However, statistics show that in 2014 women made up 44% of full-time accountants in the UK.

The research was conducted by Real Links who found that only two of the top 25 firms boards are nearly equal in the gender split and a further six boards were only one third women. Four executive boards had no women on them at all.

“While statistics show that the accounting industry has a relatively even split between men and women, it seems women are still struggling to climb to the top of their firms,” said Sam Davies, CEO and co-founder of Real Links.

“The statistics we discovered were shocking and show that inequality is still prevalent in the industry. Despite targets and policies designed to encourage more women into senior roles, progress has been slow.

“The recent gender gap reporting has shown that parity is still a long way off, so at Real Links, we think that employers need to consider anonymising recruitment to ensure candidates are chosen on experience rather than being subject to any unconscious bias.

“The top 25 accountancy firms need to ensure they’re leading by example to try and close the gender split at the most senior levels in their industry.”