Yorkshire business gets British Retail Consortium standard

Huddersfield’s Eurostar Commodities has been awarded BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standard accreditation for Agents and Brokers (April 2018).

Run by father and son Philip and Jason Bull the company has invested in bringing new products to market and talented people to drive the business forward and to continue to grow in a changing market.

The move supports Eurostar Commodities’ strong position in the UK market and demonstrates a firm commitment to food quality and food safety.

Philip Bull, Managing Director, Eurostar Commodities said; “It is incredibly important to us that we compete in our core UK market and that we have all of the standards and accreditations in place to help us grow in a sustainable and responsible way. BRC is the UK industry standard for excellence and we are delighted to have this accreditation.   We are determined to keep innovating new products and brands, and sourcing the world for the very best high quality ingredients that we have become so well known for.”

The BRC Global Standard ensures customers have confidence in production programmes and supply chain management and offers global recognition. It demonstrates senior management’s commitment to continual improvement.

Accreditation means that Eurostar Commodities is providing dedicated resources, effective communication, system reviews, and actions for product risk and safety with fully comprehensively documented hazard and risk analysis (commonly known as HACCP in the food industry).

BRC sets out the requirements for the management of product safety and quality. This includes requirements for document control, internal auditing, control of non-conforming product and the management of incidents and product recalls. It ensures the adequate training of sub-contractors and personnel.