Yorkshire firms make best-selling pie for M&S

Neil Adams of Powerhouse

A steak pie named as its fastest-ever-selling product by M&S within a week of launch has been made and promoted by Yorkshire firms.

And with 40% more units than expected – 20,000 pies –  flying off the shelves in just two days,  supplier Yorkshire Bakers has stepped up to 24-hour production.

The success of the product comes on the back of a social media campaign by M&S – with the promotional video produced by Leeds-based creative content studio, Powerhouse. The 29-second video has been viewed 400,000 times on Facebook alone.

Neil Adams, MD of Powerhouse, said: “Being Yorkshire-based, we love a good pie. It was great to know that they’re made here in Yorkshire, using quality ingredients, too – and we think that comes across in the content we delivered.

“Our content brief was simple – we were tasked with creating a 20-30 second video, specifically for social media, which would literally make the audience’s mouths water, enticing them into stores and driving web traffic.”

The firm developed the concept for the video, which showcases each stage of the pie being made, from production to plate. “M&S have a reputation for beautifully-crafted food ads, using the industry’s best food photographers and film-makers to convey the quality of their products,” added Neil. “They connect with the viewer on an emotional level, whilst tapping into one of our most basic of needs – to eat! The pie is a classic, feel-good comfort meal, so the colder weather and darker nights certainly helped to sell the product. But it goes to show that beautifully-shot food has an impact on sales.” 

Powerhouse began working with M&S in summer 2017 across its food packaging and digital teams. Since winning the retailer’s digital partner pitch in January this year, the firm has shot a number of food adverts at farm locations, its Christmas wrapping range and developed its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign last month.