Yorkshire gets promotion for its financial potential

UKTI, the government’s international business development department, has launched Yorkshire as part of the Financial Centres of Excellence initiative.

The initiative, supported by local financial services businesses, Local Enterprise Partnerships as well as financial services body TheCityUk, will encourage potential investors to think of establishing offices in Yorkshire rather than just the City of London.

James Wharton, pictured, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse at the Department for Communities and Local Government, said: “The financial services sector in the UK goes far beyond London and has a powerful presence in the North of England as well.

“This initiative is a great way of promoting the fantastic advantages of Yorkshire to financial services companies throughout the world. We will continue to work with local leaders and the business community to make the Northern Powerhouse even more of a magnet to the financial services sector.

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of Leeds City Region LEP, said: “As a strong UK financial centre, Leeds City Region is a prime location for potential investors across the financial sector to consider, as proven by the wide range of global companies we have attracted here. From global banks to financial technology firms, companies are taking advantage of our cost-effective access to the right skills, infrastructure and business networks, and we intend to use the title awarded to us by UKTI to build our reputation further in key international markets.”

Giles Searby, Partner, hlw Keeble Hawson LLP and chair of the Sheffield City Region LEP’s sector group for Business, Professional and Financial Services, said: “Yorkshire employs 400,000 people in finance. As one of the leading financial centres outside London, is the location of choice for any business in the sector seeking a new base in the UK. In Yorkshire businesses benefit from a motivated and highly skilled workforce, a thriving professional community with some of the biggest names in the sector based here, and moreover a quality of life which altogether makes for a compelling case to move to the region.”