Yorkshire sausage maker plans £4m expansion

Jamie Keeble

Yorkshire-based sausage maker Heck plans to increase the capacity of it’s HQ in Kirklington by 25%, with a £4m investment of £4m creating 60 new full-time jobs.

The expansion is about increased production, including the opening of an international mail order business and launching a “Heckfurter” – a healthy version of a frankfurter – into the German market.

Explains co-founder Jamie Keeble: “Our approach to tasty, quality food continues to be a winner and we have had increased listings across all national retailers this year and in addition to launching on online retailers such as Ocado and Amazon fresh. Our vegetarian launch has also been a complete hit and we continue to be much loved by the fitness and slimming community with our tasty chicken burger and sausage range”

The expansion is also an example of European and Yorkshire collaboration, continues Jamie. “Despite all the doom and gloom about Brexit, we are proud to be a European family and friends business. We will be investing in more German machinery in our factory and can now get bangers to Berlin as fast as we can get sausages to Southampton. We are looking forward to taking our tasty range to kitchen tables across the continent.”

Rishi Sunak, MP for Richmond, said: “Heck has a uniquely innovative approach to food and running its business. I have followed its progress closely in recent years and it is great news to see it is expanding and taking on more employees. The Government is supporting businesses like this on a local and national scale. Heck’s expansion plans demonstrate how North Yorkshire is a county of enterprise and success.”