Friday, September 25, 2020

Osprey Business Solutions Inc.

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We are pleased to say we have worked with several different companies that supply products to end users - all of them have used us to help them generate new and additional sales opportunities.

The majority of our clients use us to create meetings for their partners, account managers or development managers (reps) to get in front of a decision maker within a prospect company that has a requirement for their services within a set time frame.

The range of services our clients offer vary greatly from accountancy services, business improvement techniques, engineering machinery and consumables, CCTV monitoring systems and credit insurance.

Typically the criteria of appointments and sales leads we made for our print supply clients are:

- if a prospect has an ongoing requirement for consumables/parts

- Their current maintenance agreement was coming to a close

All appointments we create are with the correct decision maker within a prospect firm such as purchasing manager, works manager, warehouse manager, operations director etc. We meticulously check that the address and location of the appointment is correct and accurate along with gathering some useful information as standard such as current supplier of consumables, type of services, capacity of production line, maintenance contract renewal date(s), service suppliers name etc.

Alongside the appointment making and sales lead generation we also offer:

- Event - Exhibition Invitation
- Direct Marketing (E-Mail and broadcast, direct mail design and broadcast)
- We can help design, install and implement a full CRM (customer relationship management system)
- Market research (calling back prospects the reps have visited to gain important feedback and to try and re stimulate their interest)

We have been trading for several years and our involvement with our clients is dependent on what service they want from us.

We would be very keen to run a trial campaign for you of a smaller amount of telemarketing activity to help formulate a pattern where by we become familiar with your range of products and we become proficient at overcoming objections and providing prospects with the benefits of using your products over their existing supplier. See "Telemarketing Outline of Costs" for details of how much we would charge to provide you with 10 appointments per week, it is usually prudent to start with a smaller amount of work to make sure we can deliver to your expectations.

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