Friday, September 25, 2020


Renco Nets are one of the UK’s most versatile manufacturers of tailor-made nets and netting solutions. For more than 25 years our nets and netting have been used in the UK and abroad, providing durable and effective solutions for a number of industries.

We were the first UK company to offer flame-retardant netting and we’re still the largest. The materials we use are tested and certified to British and European standards, and are created using fire-retardant solution in the manufacturing process, rather than being coated after manufacture. They even retain their properties after being soaked in water.

Our cost-effective nets and netting can be made in a variety of application-specific materials and colours, to precise dimensions to suit your project – and we are the UK’s only manufacturer to create nets with no visible seams, which we do using a unique process we developed ourselves.

We supply nets as you want them – in bales, as made-up nets, or rope netting. Using knotted (Polyethylene) and knotless (Polypropylene) material in numerous mesh sizes and a range of colours, all from stock.

Just look at the range of applications we can help with – everything we do is cost-effective, so your profits won’t slip through the net!

If your require samples of any of our products, then please call.

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